Thursday, December 1, 2011

Khas buat kamu YUN


This post is specially dedicated to my beloved fren, FAKHRIYAH AYUNI... I hope u'll be success in ur life... i just read all ur post.. and i realize there are too many thing deep inside ur heart... I'll pray for ur strength to overcome all this problem.. This is what we call life... If we think, we had suffered enough, then we are wrong.. there are many people which are more suffer then us.. This kind of problem, i'm sure u can take it as a motivation... 

Let see the future of us.. don't ever look back.. try to keep ur mind for ur future.. what have been past, let it be history.. what will come tomorrow, is mystery for us... SO, believe in urself... Bear in mind that Allah will always be there to hear from u and help u... And dont forget that i'll always be ur crying shoulder and ur ears... 
My Beloved Friend-YUN
"for u who want to change, it change even though its hard, change for a better life, live and youth time comes only once, Could u waste it without His Blessing?" - My Heart@edSassin

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