Saturday, December 10, 2011

If I Leave


I really touch by this song... If I live by Jo Sumi.... Actually i heard this song in Heartstring Korean drama (EP3)... seriously touch when lee Hyun Jin sang it... then i search the singer of this song... and i still touch by the song.. it's really meaningful... :((

It's before dawn and the sun has not yet risen,
A lonely gust of wind passes by,
Should I ask U with bated breadth,
What the reason is that I'm alive,
I have to keep on living despite my sadness,
 I have to live on because of my sadness,
I should know that this life is all I have,
And the sole reason why I visited this world,
The only thing I'll remember when I leave is the fact,
That I loved my sadness as well...

Note: he totally change... I'm depress and disappointed with my self.. I'm a loser... Please don't hurt me anymore...:(


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